Monday, 16 June 2014

summer essentials

        summer is finally just around the corner..I have never looked forward to summer as much as I have done this year. After 2 months of exams, I think summer is a well deserved break. During summer whether at home or away you really don't want to spend hours doing makeup for it to just melt away. So here are 5 summer essentials for me ☀️

1) a light base with SPF 

this bourjois 123 perfect CC cream for me ticks all the boxes. It's light weight, covers everything but still allows your skin to show through. This has anti redness which is perfect if you've been in the sun just a wee bit too long. It also has anti fatigue and dark spots. 

This comes in a perfect squeezey tube making slapping it on even easier. The only down side I find with this tube is that if any pressure is put on it, it leaks maybe not too handy for travelling. Other than it has an SPF 15 which is always a bonus and especially good for summer.

This is sucha blendable CC cream and it stays on all day without fading or going patchy. 

2) a matte bronzer

The only bronzer I can think of is Hoola from really can't go wrong. I have kind of medium skin (mac NW20) and this bronzer suits my skin tone perfectly no matter how much I apply it always looks ok. This is perfect for contouring and just an all over bronze. 

it comes in the typical benefit box'o'powders box which is super compact and handy for on the go. It is big enough to swirl your brush's just perfect.
it is a buttery texture which applies amazingly without making you look an umpa lumpa. As you can see mine has been well loved. 

3) a shimmery pink blusher

Benefit once again ticking all the boxes with their rockateur blusher. This only came out around last year and I had to get my paws on it. When I first applied this I was so disappointed by how shimmery it was but it had just been sprayed with shimmer which soon went away after one or two uses. Don't get me wrong it is still fairly shimmery but it is subtle and makes you glow.

I am really not too keen on the packaging of this one but hey, it's whats inside that counts. 

This blusher is the perfect blusher for everyday as it's not in your face or overly shimmery. It has the same texture as hoola and smells amazing! I've seen certain people say they hate the smell so definitely give it a whiff before buying it. 

4) a highlighter 

I wear highlighter everyday (channeling my inner Kim kardashian) I love soap and glory glow all out. It matches perfectly with the blusher as it is peachy. 

The packaging looks vintage almost. It's cardboard and flips up and down. 

 as you can see from the swatch it's got a pinky undertone to it which is really flattering on the skin. I just sweep a wee bit on my cheekbones and it brings my face back to life. 

5) lip balm/gloss 

I've been using the Hawaiian tropic lip gloss for about 3 years. It smells incredible, gives your lips an amazing tint and shine. It also has an SPF 25 which is perfect for on holidays. 

This lipgloss isn't sticky although on a windy day you'd be best to have your hair up. This is perfect for adding subtle colour and shine. 

It's quite a thick lipgloss but it doesn't feel it once it is on your lips. I have been through about 5 tubes of this stuff, it's literally a life saver. 

                      Katie x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


       benefit make up never fails to impress me with their makeup, apart from the amazing packaging on every product the quality of every product is always insanely good. 
the benefit hello flawless foundation has been one of my favourite foundations for a while. It blends so nicely and doesn't feel like you're wearing makeup in the slightest. Only negative is that the shade the benefit lady matched me with is a tad too dark. 
Watts up highlighter is also a wee favourite of mine (funny enough) it's like a stick which feels so wrong when you're putting it on your face, it's like putting pritt stick on your face. But apart from that it makes your skin look super healthy and glowing. It comes with a wee sponge on the end to blend it and yeah, I really like it.
Fine one one is like watts up in the pritt stick department. This is a cream blusher in a stick. It has 3 shades in it that blend together and make the most perfect colour. There is a lighter colour which works for highlighting and blush. It blends nicely and makes your skin look good.
Last but in no means least, the porefessional. Probably my favourite thing from benefit. I got this little tube in May and I use it everyday and it's still going strong. It's a creamy primer which fills in your pores and makes your foundation go on so nicely. If you're not too keen on the expensive price tag that comes with this beauty definitely try out the maybelline baby skin primer, its hard to pick which one out of the porefessional and baby skin which I like more.

        have a good night, Katie x

Friday, 17 January 2014

all things naked

               so urban decay do the famous 'naked' palettes..loved by everyone. Their eyeshadows have a beautiful creamy texture which applys lovely, last all day and doesn't fade. The palettes are pricey at £36 for the naked 1 and 2 and £20 for the basics. 
all the palettes come is such different packaging. 

Original Naked

The original, I'm not going to lie, the packaging is a bit sloppy. Nevertheless the amazing quality of the eyeshadows makes me forgot about the packaging. The oringial palette is definitely my most used palette. It is so versatile. It has the perfect selection of bronzed neutrals to help create any look. The palette contains 2 mattes (correct me if I'm wrong) and the rest shimmers. That is the only thing the palette lacks is more matte shades. 
two of my favourite shades are half baked and smog, two beautiful colours.

Naked 2

Naked 2 is my most recent naked palette, I've had it about 4 months. This palette is more taupey colours. I find this palette less wearable for my eye colour compared to the original. The packaging of the naked 2 is much more sturdy. It comes in metal packaging. It also clips closed making it more suitable for traveling. 
two of my favorite colours are pistol and YDK. 

Naked basics 

as the name suggests this palette is a lot more basic than the other two. This palette contains 5 mattes and on shimmery white colour which is perfect for highlight. This palette is perfect for travelling. It's super compact and sturdy. This palette is good if you know you wouldn't use all the colours in the naked 1 and 2. It is also a lot cheaper at £20.

            have a good day!!x

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Saturday, 30 November 2013

mac lipsticks

hola everyone!
                      I am not a huge lipstick wearer but mac lipsticks have won me over. I only have two, coral bliss and speed dial. 

They are both cremesheens, although they don't have the staying power of a matte lipstick, they do last fairly well. They are quite moisturising and so so so glossy! They apply so smoothly. 
Left : speed dial 
Right: Coral bliss 
                                      Katie x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

mac mineralise skin finish natural

hello everyone,
          sorry for the lack of posts but I am extremely lazy and I am also on holidays but I thought I'd get my ass in gear and do a blogpost (yay). I have this powder in the shade medium, I absolutely love it! if you are having a good skin day you could just put a wee bit of concealer on and this powdered sweeped over the top, but for me I don't have many 'good skin days' so I normally go the whole hog foundation and powder. This powder is quite heavy but it really gives your foundation a flawless finish and makes it last a lot longer than it would without powder! This powder doesn't give a completely matte finish unlike the rimmel stay matte, but it does dull down shine. I got this powder from debenhams at the mac counter for £22 
                          I hope everyone is having a good half term, Katie x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mac studio fix fluid

Hello everyone!:)
                      This is my first ever blog post, i thought i would join in with the whole blog thing since i LOVE makeup and thought i would share my love of makeup. I'm going to start my first review on mac studio fix fluid. I have this wonderful foundation in the shade NW20. I have tried so many different foundations and I keep going back to this one. It goes on so smoothly and evenly. It has quite a thick consistency but it's easy to blend. To apply it I use the real techniques expert face brush as this gives a nice full coverage and flawless look. The only downside is you have to buy the pump, for the price you would expect a pump but other than that it's fabulous! I got mine from mac for £21.50 (+ £4.00 pump)

       katie x